The Tantric Way

The Tantric Way

The Series

The Tantric Way Series is a 3 week process that can be offered in it’s entirety or as individual one week offerings.

The Tantric Way is a carefully designed and spontaneous process of awakening. You will transform your relationship with life by learning to cultivate intimacy with yourself, to deepen intimacy with your sexual partners, and to create intimacy among groups.

Intimacy creates a container of trust in which you feel safe to strip off conditioned layers and reveal the essence of who you are. In this safe container, you are empowered to step into true freedom; a moment-to-moment way of being. True intimacy gives you the tools to realize the intention of tantra: to weave the individual self with the universal self.


The Tantric Way combines practices of:

  • Self-Inquiry
  • Systemic Constellation
  • Dance and Movement Therapy
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Sexual Deconditioning
  • Massage & Healing Touch
  • Communication skills
  • Ritual and Magic

By engaging your whole being in the Tantric Way process, you will activate a shift in consciousness and experience a continuing transformation.

Self and Sourse: Cycle 1

In Self and Source you will cultivate an intimate relationship with yourself based on awareness and acceptance. As you bring awareness and compassion to your closures, identifications and self-judgments, you will open yourself to hear and trust the voice of source within.

During this cycle of the Tantric Way you will:

  • Grow in self-love and self acceptance
  • Accept and fall in love with your physical body
  • Make friends with the voices in your head
  • Become aware of the voices that come from your parents and family
  • Develop a relationship with your inner critic
  • Heal the wounds you carry from your ancestors
  • Get in touch with your inner wisdom
  • Use the chakra system to inquire into your emotional body
  • Open your body to receive the free flow of life force energy
  • Open to the big cosmic yes


In Lover and Beloved you will deepen intimacy in relationships of love and sexuality. You will learn to communicate more consciously in mind, body and spirit, supporting you to use your sexual energy to cultivate ecstatic states together and to deepen your awareness of the divinity in yourselves and the other.

During this cycle of the Tantric Way you will:

  • Cultivate intimacy in sexual relationships
  • Learn to let go and to receive love and sexual pleasure
  • Be vulnerable and open to trust in relationship
  • Learn to honestly communicate desires, needs and boundaries
  • Heal wounds of past relationships
  • Recognize ingrained patterns in giving and receiving love
  • Move beyond the fears and sexual conditioning
  • Practice conscious touch and orgasmic mastery
  • Stay relaxed in high states of orgasmic pleasure
  • Learn how to unite body and breathe with the other
  • Channel orgasmic energy through the chakras
  • Use sexual energy to cultivate ecstatic states’
  • Learn tools for sacred sexuality


In Community and Collective Consciousness you will create an intimate relationship with a collective, based on truth and transparency that supports each individual to actualize their deepest gifts for the benefit of the whole. You will explore how your joys can be shared and your challenges can be met in context of group support.

During this cycle of the Tantric Way you will:

  • Make friends with your personality, and recognize how it’s a gift to the community
  • Heal your relationship with peer groups, such as wounds from childhood, school, and work
  • Discover and claim your deepest gifts
  • Express your truth to your peers
  • See yourself through the eyes of others by participating in feedback circles
  • Become more willing to expose yourself to a group, moving beyond fears of judgment and rejection
  • Call on the support of collective wisdom through archetypes and deities
  • Deeply accept the divine plan

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