Individual Sessions & Personal Mentorship

Session modalities may include spiritual counseling, transformational therapy, love and sexuality support, breathwork, family and organizational constellation, coaching, and much more.

Sessions available in person and online.

Gaia integrates her training in many modalities with an intuitive approach to support you to meet yourself fully, heal old wounds, build self-esteem, let go of limiting beliefs and to move forward in a way that nurtures you and fulfills your purpose. Supporting you to simply be yourself.

Transformational Facilitator Mentorship

Are breaking out into the world as a healing and personal growth professional?

Gaia will support you each step of the way.

  • Build confidence
  • Lead with authenticity & vulnerability
  • Find your unique style
  • Learn tools what to do when fear and self-judgment grab hold of you!
  • Curriculum that supports flow state & flexibility
  • Business strategy that suits your style

Community Building Mentorships are by interview and personal arrangement.

Community Building Consulting

Are you getting ready to build an ecological intentional community or a community run retreat center. Are you possibly taking on a leadership role in or taking leadership role in an existing community?

Let me support you to avoid some of the common type one errors that can lead to trouble later on? Help you identify priorities. Offer you leadership and design tools to come back to them when you get lost.

Community Building Mentorships are by interview and personal arrangement.