Are there particular patterns that you’re having a really hard time kicking? Patterns that linger? Family Constellation helps you release karmic bonds and Heal the Soul.

Family Constellation therapy is solution oriented, soul-level work. It integrates shamanic ancestral healing with modern psychology. Simply put, Family Constellations are a way of healing destructive underlying family entanglements that we carry unconsciously across generations.

Family Constellation work recognizes the individual as a part of a larger, interconnected system. The system of the family soul. In reality, love is the glue that holds the family soul together. Emphatically, out of deep love and a desire to relieve our ancestors from their suffering, we make unspoken and unconscious contracts to carry familial patterns. Blind love binds these destructive familial contracts. Family Constellation works to makes love conscious. And, as a result, it brings awareness to our karmic bonds and invites us to rewrite our self-limiting contracts.

Family constellation theory honors the natural architecture of the family soul which requires belonging, order and balance to be healthy. The solutions-oriented nature of the work facilitates healing movements and support harmony at the soul level of the family system.

Increased awareness and healing movements clear distortions and entanglements on the soul level. Thus, liberating the ego structure from unhealthy bonds and false masks. In this way, participants activate the intuitive higher mind. And finally, find themselves naturally guided toward living their unique destiny.

Modern science proves that the imprint of traumatic experiences is epigenetically transferred from one generation to the next through DNA patterning and stress hormone responses. Family Constellation supports us to release these traumas on a cellular level.

Essentially, Family constellation is a process of resolution and evolution.

If you’d like to experience Family Constellation, join us for The Tantric Way Series. And, if you’d like to experience an introduction to facilitating Family Constellation, consider joining the Transformational Facilitator Training.

What happens in a Family Constellation?

A group member discusses an issue. We call the family soul into the space. Then, the participant chooses group members to represent particular family members. This creates a morphic field. In time, the spontaneous movements on the part of the representatives reveal family bonds and karmic entanglements. At this point, the facilitator supports deepening awareness and suggests healing movements. Together, these elements bring the family system into higher vibrational alignment.

The magic of Family Constellation assures that just the right people play just the right roles. As a representative in another person’s family, there remains the potential to bring awareness to particular personal patterns and see the potential for resolution. Simply witnessing another person’s constellation has the power to create shifts as the higher vibration of conscious love comes into awareness and alignment.

“Successful therapy completes something of the past, psychologically and physically. It restores a person’s capacity to be more in the present and available to move forward in life. Having processed and integrated a painful history effectively, a person develops the strength that he would not otherwise possess. Now a true ‘yes’ to life is possible.” - Svagito Leibermeister

Gaia offers Family Constellations regularly during the InanItah Fire Season. Join her in tropical paradise.