The Tantric Way Series & The Tantric Opening 

"“Thank you Gaia for your many (personal) powerful imprints, I so appreciate your authentic way of being."

"I participated in the 3 day 'Tantric Opening' and was blown away by how profoundly transformative it was.

Gaia is a facilitator I deeply trust and she knew exactly how and when to support and push me beyond my self-imposed limitations so I could find new levels of freedom and empowerment within myself. I felt like a changed woman when I left and I now have more 'tools' that I use in my life outside of the workshop and they are simple, powerful and effective. I'm so grateful and I highly recommended Gaia and this work."

- Pia Morley

"Words are currently not enough to describe what this course entails and how I am doing. I feel so much gratitude for Gaia, all the participants in our family and myself- for showing up, every day, in every way and form that we are”."

- Anonymous

"My boyfriend and me had wanted to do a tantra workshop for some time and on the magical Island Ometepe we got the chance to do so with Gaia. First of all the setting is beautiful and calming, the spiritual community Inanitah overlooking the island with its volcanos and the lake. The tantric opening was, as expected, intense. We were a small group and Gaia was leading us with the steady hand of an experienced teacher. I could feel how much she was in her element and trusted her to guide me well. We almost only did exercises and practical things which is good - Gaia doesn't teach a lot of theory. Most inspiring for me were the active meditations we did, as well as the family constellations. All in all it was a great experience and I left the tantric opening with a lot of input!."

- Theresa Setzer